electronic exhaust

Electronic exhaust has got its name and this name is – THOR

Your diesel or gasoline engine doesn`t sound like a real sports car? Do you want to hear the roar of an 8-cylinder engine?

We introduce a revolutionary electronic exhaust system called THOR — just one metal-encased superpowerful loudspeaker and a mobile application will turn your vehicle into a legendary sports car. You will be the owner of a new car every new day!

Available sounds

A team of programmers, engineers, mechanics and sound engineers updates THOR database each month. All sounds are recorded using legendary “live” engines. The main focus of THOR team`s work is an ultimately accurate and realistic imitation of the way each exhaust system sounds.

Mercedes Benz С63

It guarantees attracting the attention of all the pedestrians from all sidewalks and all car owners in a traffic stream. Confident, loud and tough exhaust sound will add aggressiveness and temper to your car. Try to accelerate just once and you`ll understand.

Mercedes Benz G63

The «Gelandewagen» that needs no introduction. Deep bass and rich exhaust sound is going to blow you away. Feel like driving a real G-class.

Audi R8

This is a bright representative of the world of high achievements, where there is no place for compromises. Engine-V10 5.2 l. power 562 HP is the epitome of sports passion, it guarantees you a surge of genuine emotions.


The sound of 3-liter straight six engine of M4 reminds of one of a small drill. Thin drilling sound somewhat similar to the sound of a motorcycle will bring you new emotions from driving, especially at high engine speed.

Porsche Panamera

A luxurious brutal sound with slight, barely noticeable shooting.

Mercedes AMG S63

No need to make comments on the way any powerful Mercedes car engine sounds. Especially if it`s the engine of s63 AMG. The feeling of driving an expensive premium sedan won’t be long in coming.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Feel like a pilot of a real sports car. A thin and loud “bee-like” exhaust sound will arouse the desire to accelerate as frequently as possible.

Update Thor App V. 2. 0

We have released the long-awaited update of Thor App V. 2.0. Our team has prepared for you new engine exhaust sounds and new function settings in the app:
- Added new sound packs: Audi R8 and Mercedes-Benz G63;
- Added backfire sounds with the ability to set its number;
- Added dynamic start function;
- Added starter sound function.

Audio recording of Mercedes G63

The process of creating the sound of the exhaust system Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. We do not create our sounds by mixing sound samples but we record them from «live» cars. We record the sound of an engine at all operation modes, from idling one to brick acceleration till redline. We do everything to make THOR sound as realistic as possible.


Our Thor App allows easy operating the electronic exhaust system. Now you can adjust the exhaust sound directly from your smartphone screen.

Creating the sound of bmw m4 f82 exhaust system

The process of creating the sound of BMW M4 F82 exhaust system. We do not create our sounds by mixing sound samples but we record them from “live” cars. We record the sound of an engine at all operation modes, from idling one to brick acceleration till redline. We do everything to make THOR sound as realistic as possible.

Thor exhaust system installation instruction

There are only four simple installation stages and Thor system is ready for operation! This video demonstrates package contents, instructions for electronic control unit connection and speaker acoustic system installation process. We will also demonstrate the way electronic exhaust system is controlled by means of a smartphone via Thor App or by using standard buttons inside the car.


Download THOR App at App Store or Google Play. Now you have a huge car fleet with dozens of world car-making industry masterpieces in your hands. You can listen and buy any exhaust system represented as an audio track, and integrate it into your car directly from your smartphone.

Set up

You can select, download, test and install a “new exhaust sound” online by using Thor App and Bluetooth. Adjust volume, tone of idling run/driving stroke of your engine, level of engine operation fluctuation, number of shooting and tone of high-speed governor to create your own unique sound.


Switch downloaded tracks on the move without distracting from the road. Your safety is our top priority, so in addition to mobile app, we have added a feature to operate the Thor exhaust system by using standard car buttons.

Work examples

BMW i8 loud electric car

We`ve used a special approach to this car. Apart from THOR electronic exhaust system installation we have

THOR at BMW 6 GT G32

This time a Russian powerlifter, an all-around record-breaker and Russia, Europe and World champion in bench

THOR Mercedes C-class

Ease of use of our Thor exhaust system is its main advantage. During the process of its installation, we are


One always wants to hit that sweet spot between exhaust system efficiency and its loudness level when

THOR at Porsche Cayene

Experience the simplicity of Thor electronic exhaust system control using this diesel Porsche Cayene as

THOR at BMW X5 F15

Off-road vehicle cannot be quiet by its nature. And even diesel engine is not a sentence in this case. Now this

THOR at Mercedes GLS 350D

Let`s have a look at the installation process of the active exhaust system using Mercedes GLS 350d as an

BMW 330i F30 sounds like M3

Powerful civil version of BMW certainly doesn`t sound like M-version. Well, taxes are also

THOR for GLE 2018

Diesel cars are very practical and efficient. This is what everybody loves them for. Especially if it is a family

BMW X5 40d has its own sound now

Cars equipped with diesel engines a priori don`t have their own sound a priori. Besides the joys in the form of

BMW 530d G30 as M5

If you want to convert a civil car into its sports version then all specs should be taken into account.

V-class in AMG format

Small minivans sometimes want to sound loud, too. You can hardly expect to hear a rapid acceleration

Roaring AUDI Q7

The new diesel engine of AUDI Q7 has got an improved chip. The car has started to run much better but it is

THOR exhaust at Lexus RX

And though there are many people in this world who are against everything “unreal”, the issue of the absence of

About the system

THOR represents one or two superpowerful loudspeakers housed in spheroidal structures made of titanium-steel alloy. The system is suitable for absolutely any modern car. You will only need CAN-bus of your car`s engine to install THOR system. It is CAN-bus via which a complete synchronization of electronic exhaust system and your engine operation is performed. Installation warranty is two years. Service life of the device is unlimited.

The device was developed in Germany, made in Russia.

Choose a device

1 loudspeaker

-35db sound is similar to the sound of BMW M3 exhaust system

2 loudspeaker

-50db sound is similar to the sound of Mercedes AMG C63 exhaust system


Maximum volume and similarity of sound
Over 20 legendary sport car sounds
Custom settings: volume, pops, dynamic start etc.
Convenient mobile app
New engine sounds every month
Does not void car warranty
Service life over 10 years
Suitable for any car from model year 2005
Can be reinstalled on another car
Easy mounting

System installation

System installation

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