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Sokan emlkezhetnek mg a Railroad Tycoonra s a Transport Tycoonra, kt nagyszer jtkra, amik elhrestettk nevk kzs msodik tagjt, a Tycoon szt. Aztn...

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    • Pizza 2.30
      In this game you stack ingredients up high to complete your pizza order before your competition does. If they re in the way, spoil their ingredients, filch...
    Kirly bernadett  
    2008 10 22 12:23 | vlasz erre | #2
    Azt szeretnm megkrdezni,hogy n letltttem ezt a pizza tycoon jtkot s nem nyitja meg a gp!
    Ilyenkor mit csinljak?
    2008 10 22 12:23 | vlasz erre | #1
    <img src="http://thor.hu/e107_files/downloadthumbs/game/PizzaTycoon.png">

    Vlasszuk ELVIS-t karakternek, vegynk fel annyi klcsnt amennyit csak lehet.
    Mentsk ki az llst, majd tltsk vissza s a bank elfelejtette a tartozst.

    Pizzs lapok:

    Pizza tycoon was one of those games that swarmed into the shops after the major success of Transport Tycoon. It is not as commonly known as its big brother (or as good), but it is a fun little game to play once in a while.

    You start with a dream of becoming the biggest selling pizza maker in the world and gradually work your way towards this end by winning pizza contests, inventing new pizzas, building the coolest restaurants, and of course, by blowing your rivals up!
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